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Chorographia, or, A Survey of Newcastle upon Tine (1649), is the first historical and topographical account of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne and its surrounding region written by William Gray, merchant, (1601 - 1674)

Gray wrote his book as a continuation on the local level of the national chorographies of William Camden and John Speed.

Newcastle was twice occupied by the Scots, first in 1640 to 1641 and again between 1644 and 1647, suffering greatly for its loyalty to the royalist cause. One of the reasons cited by Gray for the writing of his book is 'that those Monuments which these late Warrs have obliterated and ruin'd, may be left to Posterity'.

During the decade following the publication of his Chorographia Gray made further notes on the history and topography of Newcastle in view of a possible second edition. These notes survived in the margins and on added leaves in Gray's own copy of Chorographia, which remained in his family until the 1880s but which eventually reached the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Many of these notes were published in the 1884 edition of Chorographia published by Andrew Reid which was one of four eighteenth and nineteenth century reprintings of Gray's book.

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