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    The Howdy and the Upgetting is the title of one of the books contained in the Pease Collection of Bewick books. It is an early text written in the Tyneside dialect of the1790's and narrated in 2008 by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne Councillor Peter Arnold. The actual title, literally translated, is "The Midwife and The Reception two tales of sixty years ago, as told by Thomas Bewick in the Tyneside dialect". Published in London and printed for the admirers of native merit 1850.

    This work, of which only sixty copies were printed, contains three previously used cuts by Thomas Bewick, and was printed by Samuel Bird for John Gray Bell.

    A letter dated Dec. 6 1850, written by Bell and inserted in this copy, contains the following passage concerning the work: - 'I am just about to publish a little thing of Bewick's of which the title is the Howdy and the Upgetting in the Teyn Seyde dialect 50 years seyne. They consist of two very curious, (though rather broad) fragments in the autograph of Bewick, which I observed in the collection of my uncle when in the North and I bribed him with the promise of some copies to lend me them to print a very few, I intend having 50 copies taken off at 2/6 each'.

    The volume also contains an autograph letter sent by Bewick to Wm. Ford, Manchester, which is dated 1807. The letter has, however, no connection with the work. There are also three inserted portraits of Bewick: - 1. Painted by J. Ramsay, engraved by John Burnet. 2. Painted by Murphy, engraved by Summerfield. 3. Painted by Nicholson, engraved by Ransom.

    Collection: Pease
    Number: 168