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One of the gems of the Thomlinson Collection is a 1507 copy of The Boke named the Royall. The Royal Book or Book for a King comprises the 10 commandments, the 12 articles of the faith, the 7 deadly sins, the 7 petitions of the pater noster, the 7 gifts of the holy ghost and the 7 virtues and is a translation of Dominic Laurent's work Somme des Vices et Vertues.

The original book was copied and made at the request of King Philip of France in 1279 and translated or reduced out of French into English by William Caxton. The 1507 copy was reprinted by Richard Pynson "at London in flete street at the sygne of saynt George" but it is possible that Wynkyn de Worde was also involved. Bound with the book is a letter from Alfred Pollard, Honorary secretary of the Bibliographical Society, to Basil Anderton, Librarian of Newcastle City Library, dated 12th January 1897 where he states "The only other copy like it, which is at present known, is one at Britwell in Mr Christie Miller's library. I think there can be no doubt that the book was printed by Wynkyn de Worde and that Pynson went shares in the edition".

There are many interesting woodcuts, some of which have been digitised for this site.

Collection: Thomlinson
Number: 4296